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Attend The Hottest Events With The Coolest People In Your City!

Are You Fun, Young at Heart, And Would Love To Make Positive Progressive Friends?!

After seeing and experiencing different parts of the world, we felt there wasn’t an easy way to meet like minded people!

We tried a lot:

Singles groups were kinda weird and staged.

Tinder, bumble and dating apps are cool but theres no community element to them.

The Solution:

Creating a group where we post events and build genuine friendships over time.

What better way to meet new people, your next potential business and social partners, and most importantly, have a great time in the process.

Weekly, we send out an email with the events for the week and instructions on how to RSVP.

Every event we organize will have a place to meet up before hand and transportation back to the meeting place.

Some events will have a cap to preserve the quality of the occasion.

Sign up today, we look forward to meeting you!

Get Into Exclusive Events

Find yourself every week at the best events with the best people

Create Amazing Memories

Dont be one of those people that try hard to post cool instagram photos, actually live an amazing life!

Access To Resources

Be around the people who have what you want!

Meet Cool Men & Women

Friends, lovers, money, and a great time!


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